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Your Daily Giant 8/22/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Los Angeles Herald, November 4, 1891 page 5. The article reads,

"A mound containing the skeletons of several prehistoric people has been discovered on a farm near Carthage, Ill. The skeletons lay in all conceivable positions and are supposed to be those of warriors who fell in battle. It is believed that the farm is the site of an ancient battlefield. The skeletons are of unusual size and the teeth in the skulls are larger than those of ordinary human beings. The authorities of Carthage college have received permission to explore the cave and a noted antiquarian has been sent for to aid in the investigation."
A common theme in many of these accounts and in Native American oral history is evidence suggesting ancient conflicts and wars that occurred. Intricate defensive works and hilltop forts of earth and stone existed in many states around the Ohio River Valley in ancient times. Many details of these giant skeleton reports point to something that indicates an anthropological mystery beyond the excessive size of the remains. Teeth being larger than those of ordinary human beings is often reported. A difficult thing to explain away because it occurs so often in these reports.
Your Daily Giant 8/21/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Nebraska Advertiser, June 30, 1881, pg 1. Reported is the following,

"Mr. Jno, Park, of White county Ohio, recently while working in an old field, which has been cultivated for 85 years, found a grave walled with rock which contained the bones of a giant, estimated to have been nine feet in length and three feet across the breast. But few of the bones were in such a state of preservation to be handled."

Was a Mastodon ever buried in a grave walled with rock? Maybe it was somebody's pet. In the countless hours researching these reports I am yet to encounter any of the people mentioned in the accounts not to exist. Often these people who are making these reports are respected citizens with nothing to gain and much to lose by making what would seem like outrageous claims. Recently I posted the story of Charles Huntington and the unearthing of a nine foot skeleton he witnessed in Randolph County New York. The ancient skeleton eventually crumbled to dust but Charles used the measurements procured from the two doctors at the scene Dr. Frederick Larkin and Dr. T. Apoleon Cheney to build a nine foot wooden replica now housed at the Cattaraugus Museum in New York State. The remarkable measurements were of a nine foot tall skeleton which was 35 inches across the chest and had a jawbone so massive it was fit over the face of Jeff Darling one of the hunters who originally unearthed it. When skeptics started crying of an exaggeration Mr. Huntington contacted the assistant state geologist of New York C. A. Hartnagel, who verified that the measurements were on record with the state.
Your Daily Giant 8/20/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the New York Times December 5, 1963. President Kennedy has just been assassinated (without getting off track, let's just say not by a magic bullet) and Cape Canaveral is being renamed Cape Kennedy. A very interesting section is given at the end of the article,

"The earliest inhabitants of this area are believed to have been the Surruque Indians. Historians have traced their occupancy back to 800 A. D. They remained until the late 1600's when they disappeared without trace, giving rise to their description as "The Lost Tribe." From what little is known about them, they were a seafaring people who may have emigrated from Central America. Skeletal remains found in burial mounds at the Cape indicted that the men were very tall, averaging about seven feet. They were also ferocious, according to early explorers."

Spanish explorers described encountering giant inhabitants in Florida and while looking for evidence of a "giant race theory" Smithsonian agents routinely uncovered giant skeletal remains which were often reported to have been shipped back to Washington, D.C.
Your Daily Giant 8/19/2013

Today's Daily Giant continues the story of explorer Paxson Hayes. Hayes visits to the White House and the Smithsonian Institution as well as newspaper accounts and photographs of his giant mummy finds were covered for a nearly 20 year period up until 1951. From the Tucson Daily Citizen, November 13, 1950 pg 14 is the photo and description,
"Explorer Paxson Hayes holds robe found in cave of Blond Giants." There are many Native American legends of giants with blond or red hair. Brien Forester has researched and written extensively about elongated skulls and the occurrence of red hair among these people. The most famous giant case is perhaps the Lovelock, Nevada case. Giant mummies with red hair were discovered starting in 1911. This is a story I have not covered yet, a story with giant mummies, giant artifacts, Native American legends and Smithsonian Institution involvement. Paiute Indian Sarah Winnemucca wrote about the legends of her tribe many years before the giant red haired mummies were found. The legend told was of a tribe of red haired cannibalistic giants who were trapped and killed by the Paiutes long ago in the Nevada cave. Then as the giant red haired mummies began to be found starting in 1911, the “myth” began to look more like a reality. Many things transmitted from the ancient oral tradition of this country seem to be borne out by accounts such as this.
Your Daily Giant 8/18/2013

Today's Daily Giant continues the story of explorer Paxson Hayes and the Giants of Sonora. In this photo from the San Jose News, December 31, 1935 pg 12, the description is given,

"Paxson Hayes, explorer, studies the head of a giant mummy discovered by him in a deep cave hitherto unexplored regions of Sonora, Mexico. The mummified remains were of a race 7 1/2 feet tall and preserved in excellent condition. Corn found with the mummies has been given to scientists."

Yesterday I posted a picture of the ancient city in Sonora, Mexico where the giant mummies were found. Reported in the Washington Post, July 22, 1937 is "Smithsonian Amazed at Discovery of 6 1/2-Foot Mummies in Caves." We are informed of the following about Paxson C. Hayes and G. C. Barnes from the article, "With several dozen snakes (all alive), and the burial robe of a prehistoric giant (quite dead), packed in their trailer, they stopped in Washington yesterday to promote interest in their unique fields of activity. Herpetologically speaking, their purpose in coming here from California was to present President Roosevelt with 15 Smoki snakes., 10 California and Mexican rattlers and an 8-foot baby Mexican boa constrictor, which was shedding. Marvin C. McIntyre received them at the White House, expressed gratitude and suggested the reptile house at the zoo as perhaps the best place for the snakes. Dr. Ernest P. Walker, assistant director of the Zoo, officially welcomed the snakes to their new home. That over, the visitors then dropped in at the Smithsonian Institution with the prehistoric burial robe and a four-legged stool, both of which they unearthed in a burial cave in northern Sonora, Mexico. The Californians explained that the cave, one of 18 they had discovered, contains well preserved mummies of a race which averaged over 6 1/2 feet in height (up to 8 feet tall). The caves are scattered over an area of 450 square miles. Hayes who has just returned from his fifth expedition to the caves heard about their existence from the Yaqui Indians of Mexico."

The article also shows a photo of Hayes, Barnes and Head Keeper of the Washington Zoo, William H. Blackburn as they assist a Mexican boa constrictor. I found the following information in the Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution 1937, page 74, citing additions to their collections. "Smoki People," through Paxson C. Hayes and G. C. Barnes, Prescott, Ariz., 5 Western bullsnakes, 2 red rattlesnakes, 2 Mexican rattlesnakes." This if further verification of Hayes and Barnes meeting with Smithsonian officials. Lost city, giant mummified head, and a burial robe of a giant. All three with photographs, Another case where the Smithsonian Institution should be compelled to answer questions.
Your Daily Giant 8/17/2013

Today's Daily Giant continues the story of Paxson Hayes and the Giants of Sonora, Mexico. I previously posted several Daily Giants exploring this story. From the Spokane Daily Chronicle, January 9, 1936 pg 11.

"These crumbling ruins of a long-perished city, where mummified human forms revealed that seven-foot giants and three foot pygmies apparently lived together, were found by Paxson C. Hayes ethnologist, who has spent the last seven years exploring the upland wastes of northern Mexico. The architecture is of a type never before discovered, resembling that of cliff dwellings but with distinct Mongolian features. The strange civilization is believed to antedate that of the Mayans. Hayes plans an expedition for a thorough search of the huge caves in Sonora, 400 miles from Hermosillo City."

I have run into many accounts of what were described as "pygmy" like skeletons also in my research. Once again there are reports of Smithsonian Institution involvement and accounts from Mound Builder burial mounds in Ancient America of unusually small skeletons that were verified as authentic. Several Native Americans have approached me and asked if I have encountered such things because I was told that their oral history has much information regarding this. The well known Hobbit find in Indonesia adds fuel to this debate.

From Wikipedia, "Homo floresiensis ("Flores Man", nicknamed "hobbit" and "Flo") is an extinct species in the genus Homo. The remains of an individual were discovered in 2003 on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Partial skeletons of nine individuals have been recovered, including one complete cranium (skull). These remains have been the subject of intense research to determine whether they represent a species distinct from modern humans. This hominin is remarkable for its small body and brain and for its survival until relatively recent times (possibly as recently as 12,000 years ago). Recovered alongside the skeletal remains were stone tools from archaeological horizons ranging from 94,000 to 13,000 years ago."

Even though I am open minded, I had problems with the Hayes findings originally because they were so outlandish but he convinced the "Dean of Southwest Archaeology", Dr. Byron Cummings, was received at the White House, met with Smithsonian scientists (donating snakes that ended up listed in their annual report) and was listed in newspaper accounts for an over 15 year period up until 1951. There are also photos of him with a giant mummified head, him holding a burial shroud of a giant (presented to the Smithsonian) and today's ancient Sonora city. Finally, within the last year, elongated skulls which were called "alien" were unearthed in the Sonora area. Hugh Newman told me that he finds it fascinating that these different reports come from the same area and if you follow the research of Brien Forester then you know that there is quite a mystery regarding elongated skulls.
Your Daily Giant 8/16/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the National Labor Tribune, March 2 1899, pg 7. Another account of giant skeletons being unearthed in Michigan burial mounds is given.

"Michigan Giants of Old- During the investigation of the mounds in Pokagon township, Cass County, Mich., the bones of perhaps 100 persons were found in the center of one mound and under these, separated from his companions, were the bones of a man who in life must have been fully nine feet tall, occupying a sitting position, with his feet under him. A number of copper bodkins or pins, from two to three inches in length, were found and also pins made from the bones of a wolf. There were numerous copper hatches, two edged and sharp, one of which was wrapped in a linen cloth resembling in texture those of today."

Do you think you would misidentify hundreds of human bones for some other creature. Maybe the builders of the mound took a Mastodon skeleton and carved out and created a fake nine foot human skeleton. The matter of fact nature of so many of these accounts to me is very telling. The idea that sensationalism was a driving force behind many of these finds just doesn't hold water. It is obvious to the reasonable observer what is going on here, this is a reality and those whose world view can't deal with it, create all sorts of strange and illogical arguments to try and make it go away.