Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/29/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the New York Observer, Volume 76, 1898 pg 397. From the book,

The most remarkable fact of all is the identity of the remains found in the United States, Mexico and South America. An enormous mound was found in Virginia, containing many skeletons, on which were strings of beads and copper bands and bracelets covered with hieroglyphics; others in Ohio, on the river of that name. Very recently in Illinois, near Alton, Professor Wm. McAdams has made a most interesting discovery. It is a prehistoric ruin of stone, on the top of the highest hill in that county. The hill is three-hundred and twenty-seven feet above the level of the Mississippi River and on the summit is a rib of stone slabs. The slabs were removed and disclosed a number of skeletons, all of which were minus the skulls. As the skull is the last portion of the human body to decay, the fact is apparent that the person of whom these relics bear witness, were beheaded. Below was a floor of stone slabs, which formed the covering of a vault. In this was the skeleton of a man of giant stature, while scattered about were ornaments and utensils of copper, pearl and stone, many of which were engraved and curiously and skillfully wrought."

Strange hieroglyphics, stone vaults, giant skeletons, pearls, copper and very skilled artisans, these same details are given over and over again. Even if you take out the giant skeletons because of the controversy that makes professionals all nervous, angry and close minded, we are still left with a wild and amazing ancient history right here in our country. Massive earthen pyramids, geometric forms, eclipse predicting structures, stone hilltop forts and much more makes for quite an underreported episode of history. The success of shows like America Unearthed shows the desire the public has to learn more about our uncensored past

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