Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Daily Giant 6/4/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the New York Sun, December 15, 1886, pg 4. Reported are two separate accounts from different states on the same day and they both happen to describe anatomic anomalies. From the first account, "A mound near Liverpool, Illinois., was recently opened and several skeletons of very large men were found. The skulls were so large that they would go over an ordinary man's head, covering it to the shoulders. There was also found a small steel anvil, perfect in form and so hard that a file made little impression on it. Also a set of false teeth, of copper and ivory, large enough for a giant and of excellent workmanship." The second account reads as follows, "Henry Gwaltney dug into a mound near Wakulla, Fla. recently and found a skull that must have belonged to a giant. The under jaw was particularly large, being twice the size of an ordinary man's and none of the teeth was missing from either jaw and but one showed signs of decay." Giant false teeth of copper and ivory, skulls so large they go over an ordinary man's head and a giant jawbone twice the normal size. As I wrote in my latest Ancient American Magazine article, I believe anatomic anomalies are the key to this mystery. Skeptics like to be critical of anyone taking these newspaper accounts, Scientific Journals, Town Histories and Smithsonian Ethnology reports at face value. I believe that is nonsense, these people are not giving their opinions about religion or science, they are simply giving observational accounts and their observations are quite frankly describing the same anatomic anomalies found all around the country in an era of inefficient communication. The idea that somehow, thousands of people had some form of giant cliff notes that allowed them to give similar descriptions over decades of time, that told them how to describe essentially a dozen or more anatomical peculiarities about jaws, skulls, teeth, bone massiveness etc.. is simply an assault on objective truth. Anyone who refuses to evaluate evidence objectively without bias, is not intellectually qualified to give an opinion no matter how many degrees they have. I threw in a pic of my man Morpheus from the Matrix as a reminder that there are filters and layers of control far more pervasive in our society than most would imagine. Most of this control comes from professionals dedicated to protecting the status quo and refusing to study anomalies, not secret board room meetings and far reaching conspiracies. The priests who refused to look through Galileo's telescope were too sold out and weak minded to think differently and evaluate evidence rationally, this disease unfortunately still exists to this day.

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