Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your Daily Giant 6/20/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Stark County Democrat, December 12, 1902. From the article, "Evidence has just been secured which positively shows that the Cuyahoga valley was once inhabited by a giant race of people. E. B. Howe, station agent at Ira, seven miles north in the valley, has unearthed a rare collection of implements of mound builders. The discovery was made in a bank of molding sand. There are several of these banks in the valley and also many ancient forts that will now be explored. The find consists of a portion of man who, when in life, was over eight feet tall. The jawbone is fully twice as large as an ordinary human being's jawbone. Near the skeleton was also found a stone ax weighing 14 pounds, rare copper beads and fine specimens of copper wedges and decorated pottery. Howe has in his possession 1,500 stone implements."
Over eight foot tall skeleton, jawbone twice the normal size, giant axe and mound builder artifacts of copper, these reports are remarkably similar regardless of date or geographical location. Truly amazing quite honestly to read these accounts and learn about the real history of Ancient America through the eyes of honest chroniclers not professionals unable to evaluate evidence open mindedly regardless of how it effects established theories. Thankfully, all these accounts exist in the public record for all to see.

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