Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your Daily Giant 6/21/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Philadelphia Times, June 27 1885, pg 5. Reported are skeletons of men ten feet high and larger in Erie County Pennsylvania. From the article,

"Why this man was ten or twelve feet high. Thunder and lightning!" exclaimed farmer Porter in astonishment. The first speaker, who has won local distinction as a scientist, reiterated his assertion. J. H. Porter has a farm near Northeast, not many miles from where the Lake Shore railroad crosses the New York state boundary line. Early this week some workmen in Mr. Porter's employ came upon the entrance to a cave and on entering it found heaps of human bones within. Many skeletons were complete and specimens of the find were brought out and exhibited to the naturalists and archaeologists of the neighborhood. They informed the wondering bystanders that the remains were unmistakably those of giants. The entire village of Northeast was aroused by the discovery and today hundreds of people from this city took advantage of their holiday to visit the scene...So far about 150 giant skeletons of powerful proportions have been exhumed and indications point to a second cave eastward, which may probably contain as many more. Scientists who have exhumed skeletons and made careful measurements of the bones say that they are the remains of a race of gigantic creatures, compared with which our tallest men would appear pygmies."
If I saw 150 giant skeletons I don't know if I would say "thunder and lightning", I might drop a few "F" bombs however. If this were a hoax then the whole town had to be in on it and for what possible purpose? If I were mentioned prominently in a newspaper account and it was totally wrong, I certainly would demand a retraction, any reasonable person would. These clearly are not mastodon or dinosaur bones either, a whole town could not be mistaken with such an obvious matter as simple anatomic recognition. Once again, professionals would have you believe that all these people of the past were unsophisticated and superstitious morons unable to report the simplest of observations. Actually, my extensive historical research has led me to conclude a much more honest and grounded person was molded one or two hundred years ago due to hard work and appreciation of simple things. I would like to drag Professor Skeptic outside to hand split 20 cords of wood or build a mile long stone wall instead of telling us all the way it is from the comfort of his ivory tower.

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