Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/6/2013

Today's Daily Giant is yet another account from the paper of record, the New York Times. This story was widely reported including in the May 4th, 1908 edition of the NYT.

"Charles C. Clapp, who has recently returned from Mexico, where he has been in charge of Thomas W. Lawson's mining interests, has called the attention of Prof. Agassiz to a remarkable discovery made by him. He found in Mexico a cave containing 200 skeletons of men each above eight feet in height. The cave was evidently the burial place of a race of giants who antedated the Aztecs. Mr. Clapp arranged the bones of one of these skeletons and found the total length to be 8 feet 11 inches. The femur reached up to his thigh and the molars were big enough to crack a coconut. The head measured eighteen inches from front to back."

From the Mining and Engineering World 1908, Volume 28, is the following information. "The Lawson-Mexican Co. has been organized with a capitalization of 1,000,000 shares per $5 each, to operate in the Mascata district of Jalisco. Thomas W. Lawson of Boston has been interested with Frank W. page in the Mascata district since 1905...Mr. Lawson is president, Charles C. Clapp vice-president, Homer Albers secretary, Arnold Lawson treasurer and Frank W. Page general manager."

Once again, this does not seem like any sort of hoax. Why would people with reputations at stake report something false for no perceived gain? The skeptic claims that every last one of these accounts is a wild exaggeration, an outright hoax or a misidentification of animal or dinosaur bones for human ones. That means that literally well over 1000 accounts from all manner of historical and scientific literature including the Smithsonian's Ethnology Reports, all around the country, over a several hundred year period, are all grossly in error. Not ten percent, or fifty percent or ninety percent but every single last one. Make no mistake this is the position of the skeptic and in staking out such a ridiculous stance they are proclaiming that thousands of respected citizens and scientists somehow are essentially incompetent or out of their collective minds.

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