Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/4/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the El Paso Herald, April 19, 1915. A report of the unearthing of a giant skeleton from Arizona is given. "The skeleton of a giant fully eight feet tall has been found near Silver City", said H. E. Davis. "The thigh bone of this ancient inhabitant of the southwest measures two inches more than the ordinary man and must have been a giant of great strength. The jaw bone is large enough to fit over the jaw of an ordinary man. A peculiarity of the forehead is that it recedes from the eyes like that of an ape. The similarity is still further found in the sharp bones under the eyes. The skeleton was found encased in baked mud, indicating that encasing the corpse in mud and baking them was the mode of embalming. Near the skeleton was found a stone weighing 12 pounds which, judging from its shape, must have been a club. The wooden handle has rotted away but there are marks on the stone that indicate that it had been bound to a wooden handle with tongs. It is rather peculiar that less than 30 miles from where this skeleton was found and located on the Gile river are the former houses of a tribe of small cliff dwellers. The existence of these two races so near together form an interesting topic." These "gorilla-like" or "monkey-like" skulls have been reported in many states, several times by Smithsonian personnel. Professor Thomas Wilson the curator of Prehistoric Anthropology for the Smithsonian, said the following about the find of an eight foot one and a half inch giant skeleton in Miamisburg, Ohio in 1897, "The authenticity of the skull is beyond doubt, Its antiquity is unquestionably great. To my own personal knowledge several such crania were discovered in the Hopewell group of mounds in Ohio, exhibiting monkey-like traits." In 1923, John Peabody Harrington working for the Smithsonian during an excavation of the Burton mound in Santa Barbara California unearthed gorilla-like skulls with 7 inch jaws and 3/4 inch skulls. Sounds like alot of monkey business has been going on that Anthropology has yet to address.

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