Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Capital Journal, July 5, 1893 g 3. From the article, "The work of removing the old Indian mound in Walnut Grove, Martin's Ferry, O., goes on slowly, owing to the care exercised that none of the interesting relics to be found in it be lost. Probably the most interesting article taken from the mound is a huge skull, which would seem to indicate that in the days of the mound builders there were giants abroad. This skull is at least twice as large as the normal average of today. This skull is in good preservation."-Cor. Chicago Herald.

Another burial mound another giant skull, a very familiar pattern. One of the main arguments against the existence of giants, which was promulgated by Alex Hrdlicka, former curator of Physical Anthropology at the Smithsonian, was that the finder of the hypothetical Giant would confuse the size of the thigh bone and calculate the rest of the height incorrectly. As pathetic as that explanation is, it does nothing to account for reports of massive skulls, jawbones, double rows of teeth etc... How many of your friends have a skull at least twice as large as normal? One of the most compelling aspects that contributes to the truth of this phenomenon is the unbelievably weak and almost childish theories used to explain away all the evidence. It is quite disconcerting that otherwise intelligent people could think so close mindedly in concert and attack anyone who steps out of line, all the while engaging in a mass form of cognitive dissonance creating an almost impossible atmosphere for objective and open-minded evaluation of evidence.

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