Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/12/2013

Today's Daily Giant is from A History of Pioneer Families of Missouri, by William Smith Bryan, 1876, pg 101. The following account is given,

"It is not known for certain whether any of the Indians were killed in this battle or not but one of their chiefs, named Keokuk, a man of some distinction, was wounded and died shortly after. He was buried in the prairie, one and one-half miles northeast of the present town of Wellsville, in Montgomery County. In 1826 his remains were taken up by Dr. Bryan and several other gentlemen and upon his breast was found a large silver medal, containing his name, rank, etc. He was evidently a giant in stature, for the jaw bone, which, with several other bones of the body, are still preserved by Mrs. Dr. Peery, of Montgomery county, will fit over the face of the largest sized man."

Not only does it appear that a spiritual and warrior class of giants existed among Native Americans in Ancient America but substantial evidence points to wars and conflicts thousands of years ago between Native Americans and a separate race of giants. Because we have been led astray by academia, this whole notion seems like a fanciful tale, that is, until you actually look at the evidence, then a different picture emerges for those not confined to a narrow way of thinking.

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