Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/16/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Pioneer History of the Holland Purchase of Western New York by Orsamus Turner, 1849 pg 36. Another giant skeleton find associated with earthen enclosures, burial mounds, pyramids or geometric form is given. From the book,

"Arrowheads of flint are found in and near the enclosure, in great abundance stone axes. Trees of four hundred years growth stand upon the embankment and underneath them have been found, earthen ware, pieces of plates or dishes, wrought with skill, presenting ornaments in relief, of various patterns. Some skeletons almost entire have been exhumed; many of giant size, not less than seven to eight feet in length. The skulls are large and well developed in the anterior lobe, broad between the ears and flattened in the coronal region. Half a mile west of the fort is a sand hill. Here a large number of human skeletons have been exhumed, in a perfect state. Great numbers appear to have been buried in the same grave. Many of the skulls appear to have been broken in with clubs or stones. "This," says S. M. Burroughs, Esq., of Medina, "was doubtless the spot where a great battle had been fought. Were not these people a branch of the Aztecs? The earthen ware found here seems to indicate a knowledge of the arts known to that once powerful nation."

Much speculation existed in the first several centuries of the United States in regards to who populated the lands, where they came from and what contact might they have had with other civilizations. One thing is for certain, Ancient America wasn't all puppy dogs and ice cream, major battlefields were unearthed by colonists in the Midwest and sophisticated defensive fortifications were built in many states. I am not alone in the belief that it was not just Native American tribes in conflict with each other but also ancient wars involving a separate race of giants as well.

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