Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/28/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the History of Richland County Ohio, compiled by A. A. Graham, 1880 g 181. From the book,

"In Orange Township, about thirty-five years ago, while excavating a bluff on the creek, east of the residence of the late Patrick Murray, for purpose of improving the road, a number of skeletons were unearthed, among which was one supposed to have been over seven feet high. Col. John Murray, who found the bones, found no difficulty in passing the under jawbone over his face. The other cranial bones showed this was truly a giant."

If you are fitting a human jawbone over your face, that indicates a truly massive skull was possessed by the original owner. There is no way around that description. These hundreds of non-sensationalized accounts are not only describing the same features but they are describing skeletal finds in burial mounds with human artifact finds in an era of inefficient communication. The skeptic says, where are the bones? This hardly addresses the fact that all these historical accounts exist all around the country through decades of time, often by well respected citizens and scientists. The Smithsonian alone collected over 20,000 skeletons from ancient American sites and thousands of skulls. Their records show several giant skulls being sent there with documentation attesting to their receiving the remains reported in prominent newspapers- The New York Times and The Washington Post. I have tried to track down the Burton Mound Skulls, which had 3/4 inch thick skull walls and seven inch wide jawbones as reported in the New York Times and other newspapers and scientific journals found by John Peabody Harrington of the Smithsonian in California in 1923, to no avail. Numerous reports clearly point right to the Smithsonian receiving giant remains and indicate their scientists were involved in the excavations but the skeletal material all seems to have gone missing. If all this evidence was "normal sized" then where are the remains to prove this? Obviously, removing the remains, creating a law to force repatriation of all of this material (NAGPRA) and concocting a fairy tale that somehow all this evidence was in error and you have the current state of affairs. A state where a wall of arrogance and dissimissiveness has been built to make it virtually impossible for professionals to objectively look at the evidence. The priests of Galileo's time refused to look in his telescope, they didn't disprove his theory, just used consensus to try to make it go away. Not much has changed.

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