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Your Daily Giant 6/5/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from The Grange Advance, October 15, 1873 pg 4. Another burial mound, another giant reported, another jawbone large enough to fit over a large man's face. From the article,

"A few days ago the men engaged in building the road bed of the Green Bay and Winona railroad struck an Indian mound near Arcadia. It has been in view for some days and no little speculation was indulged in as to what the excavation would develop from the cemetery of the red man. The discovery exceeded the anticipations. The skeleton of an Indian was found of such dimensions as to indicate that the frame must have been that of a giant. The jaw bone easily enclosed the face of the largest laborer to be found on the work. The thigh bones were more like those of a horse than of a man hair heavy and remarkably well preserved. A number of Mexican coins were also found. The unusual size of the skeleton has excited considerable interest and the curiosities will be carefully preserved for exhibition."

One of several giant skeletons sent to be put on display at the Maryland Academy of Sciences was also noted to have thigh bones "as thick as a horse". If these skeletal finds were not being made by anthropologists, archaeologists or relic hunters exploring burial mounds, then the finders were those who had a relation to digging into the earth, farmers, railroad laborers, well diggers, foundation workers etc... Yet all these different people from different walks of life joined the archaeologists, anthropologists and relic hunters in reporting the same startling finds using the same language and describing the same anatomic peculiarities. Language that reaches out to convey something everyone can grasp, bones as thick as a horse, skulls as big as a peck basket, half bushel measure or common iron tea kettle, jaws containing double rows of teeth, perfect teeth, huge teeth, jaw so big to fit over the face of the finder. Did all these thousands of laborers and thousands of onlookers through decades of time all share some mass delusion that not only caused them to wildly exaggerate skeletal length but also bestowed upon them the uncanny ability to correctly pinpoint anatomic features nearly impossible to be widely known at the time. Then being so assured that they were correct, relayed this very specific information so as to fool hundreds of editors and end up being recorded in town histories, newspaper accounts and scientific journals. In fact in nearly every manner of historical and scientific document.

Okay sorry to make your head hurt. I have another thought. I bet this evidence just might have been concealed from the public, mainly led by one institution notorious for collecting thousands of skeletons, making inconvenient artifacts disappear, meeting in secret, taking multimillion dollar donations from sociopathic billionaires and operating for many decades with racist guiding principles of manifest destiny and the inferiority of non-white races. Professor Skeptic can blow as much smoke as he wants but the founding principles of Anthropology at the Smithsonian had more in common with a Klan rally than open minded science.


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