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Your Daily Giant 6/29/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Archaeological Bulletin, Volumes 4-6 pg 115, 1913. The Bulletin was a collection of accounts of burial mound and artifact finds in Ancient America. The following account by R. E. Dodge is from his report entitled California Shell Mounds.

"About a mile from this spot, while excavating for a railroad, it is reported, the skeletons of four giants were discovered, buried in a sitting position with their faces to the west. I have never been able to verify this report, except I saw one of the skulls in the possession of a man living in Santa Cruz and it is giant, being fully twice as large as any skull I have ever seen and it is a pity that the whole skeleton, which was said to be over eight feet tall, was not preserved."

On page 118 of the same publication is found the following from H. D. Carter, "I have a pipe from a mound in Warren County Kentucky. It was found lying beside the skull of a very large Indian skeleton. The pipe is made of black steatite, highly polished. It is 3 inches high and 2 3/4 inches long- a good likeness to the one illustrated on page 486, Fig. 108, of Smithsonian Report of 1897."

Also found on page 111 under the title of A Summer's Archaeological Research by Captain R. D. Wainwright is the description of his unearthing of many skeletons, one also of a very large Indian skeleton from a burial mound. Several years earlier, Wainwright presented his findings along with photographs to the New York Academy of Sciences regarding the unearthing of a seven foot four inch skeleton from a shell mound in Tottenville, NY.

"A skull being fully twice as large as any I have ever seen", a fairly conservative archaeological journal was reporting some decidedly alarming findings.

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