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Your Daily Giant 6/23/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from Collins' Historical Sketches of Kentucky, Volume 2, 1882. I recently posted on a report found on page 666 of that publication. It is as follows,

" A Giant- Early in 1872, in prospecting for coal in Ohio County, about a mile from Rockport, the complete skeleton of a human body of gigantic size was found, 6 feet below the surface. The lower jaw-bone, when fitted over the lower portion of a man's face in the party of explorers, completely covered it; the thigh bone, from the hip-bone to the knee, was 42 inches long and the fore-arm bone from wrist to elbow measured 22 inches. This would indicate a giant over 10 feet high,"

I just recently found a remarkably similar account on page 722 of the same publication.

"Antiquities- A Giant-From a mound on the farm of Eden Burrows, near Franklin, were exhumed, in May 1841, at a depth of over 12 feet several human skeletons. One, of extraordinary dimensions, was found between what appeared to have been two logs, covered with a wood slab. Many of the bones were entire. The under jaw-bone was large enough to fit over the jaw, flesh and all, of any common man of the present day. The thigh bones were full six inches longer than those of any man of Simpson County. Teeth, arms, ribs, and all, gave evidence of a giant of a former race. Around his neck was a string of 120 copper beads and one bead of pure silver, all perfectly preserved. Another skeleton, of smaller dimensions, had around his neck a string of ivory beads, about 100 in number."

Like accounts all over the country, often times buried in the back of a voluminous and obscure town history, the same descriptions of giant bones are to be found. From Massachusetts to California, descriptions of jawbones so large they could be fit over the face of the finder, thigh bones 4, 6, 8, and more inches longer than the largest man around, huge skulls, huge teeth, double rows of teeth and on and on. Once again today's account reports a find from a burial mound with jewelry around the skeletons neck, clearly not dinosaur bones. Also, one skeleton was much larger than the other, clearly not a case of disarticulation. How could this possibly be a hoax? Like the majority of these accounts it is clearly not sensationalized with no perceived gain to the reporter. The bottom line is that this is a reality and if you are not convinced by now then a team of therapists can't help you.

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