Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your Daily Giant 6/30/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the New York Times, August 10, 1880. The article reads, "The following report was copied verbatim from a note made in his pocket almanac by the late Judge Atlee: On the 24th of May, 1798, being at Hanover (York County, Penn.,) in company with Chief Justice McKean, Judge Bryan, Mr. Burd and others, on our way to Franklin and taking a view of the town, in company with Mr. McAlister and several other respectable inhabitants, we went to Mr. Neese's tan-yard, where we were shown a place near the currying house from whence (in digging to sink a tan vat) some years ago were taken two skeletons of human bodies. They lay close beside each other and measured about 11 feet 3 inches in length; the bones were entire but on being taken up and exposed to the air they presently crumbled and fell to pieces. Mr. McAlister and some others mentioned that they and many others had seen them and Mr. McAlister, who is a tall man, about 6 feet 4 inches high, mentioned that the principal bone of the leg of one of them, being placed by the side of his leg, reached from his ankle a considerable way up to his thigh, pointing a small distance below the hip bone." Verbatim, respectable inhabitants, many others had seen them, another convincing report which is clearly not a hoax. Like many of these reports the bones crumbled to dust, this is reported even the Smithsonian's Ethnology reports. There are no remains left to display just the testimony of many seemingly well intentioned people anxious to convey what they witnessed. Do you think all these people could mix up 11 foot 3 skeletons with 5 foot 8 ones or confuse human bones with mastodon bones. Give me a break.

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