Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/18/2013

Today's Daly Gant comes from the L'abelle de la Nouvelle-Orleans, December 8, 1900. From the article,

"The fossils of three human beings evidently prehistoric giants, were found near Monteseno, Mo., the other day by C. H. Beehler, a farmer, at the depth of forty feet. The size of the skulls indicates that the bodies must have been at least ten feet high and the bones, resembling those of a human skeleton, seem to bear out this theory. Beehler has quite a collection of fossil relics which he has found at various times in this vicinity which is alive with them. He is confident that he has discovered the missing link and intends to submit his find to the professors of Washington University in St. Louis to see if they sustain his theory. Fossils of mastodons and animals extinct for centuries have been found in this vicinity by people who were plowing or digging wells. It seems to be a regular graveyard for 40 miles around for prehistoric bones which indicate the enormous size of the animals which once roamed the land."

Giant humans existed along with giant creatures of many varieties in the past. If you don't believe it I am sorry but you can go back to sleep, good night.

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