Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/27/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Dawson Daily News, August 20, 1901 pg 23. An account of giant mummies found in a cave is reported. From the article, "On an island in Prince William Sound, Alaska is a wonderful cave, containing remains of a prehistoric race of Alaska Indians. The cave is guarded by an Indian tribe which inhabits the island...Two years ago a party of prospectors entered the cave and discovered a number of bodies laid away in niches of the rock. The party came out intending to explore further on another day but were notified by the Indians that they could not enter. The prospectors declared that the mummies Indians were much larger than any living race of men, being seven and eight feet in stature. What is believed to be a mummy from the identical cave is owned by F. H. Baldie of Tacoma, whose wife is suing him for divorce. None outside of the family knew of his Alaska mummy until Mrs. Baldie scheduled it among his assets as worth $2,000, requesting half its value in cash." A woman scorned will force you to sell your mummy. Obviously, an account from 1960 of a trained Anthropologist unearthing a giant skeleton with anatomic anomalies carries more weight than other accounts but the fact remains that several thousand of these types of accounts exist. No argument ever given by a skeptic has addressed the sheer magnitude of these reports and how they can possibly be explained away with some rational, reasonable and logical explanation. That is because there is none. The Aleutian islands, a chain of islands stretching west off the coast of Alaska also had many mummies found in caves. Giant skeletons were found in the Aleutians also just like Alaska.

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