Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 8/22/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Los Angeles Herald, November 4, 1891 page 5. The article reads,

"A mound containing the skeletons of several prehistoric people has been discovered on a farm near Carthage, Ill. The skeletons lay in all conceivable positions and are supposed to be those of warriors who fell in battle. It is believed that the farm is the site of an ancient battlefield. The skeletons are of unusual size and the teeth in the skulls are larger than those of ordinary human beings. The authorities of Carthage college have received permission to explore the cave and a noted antiquarian has been sent for to aid in the investigation."
A common theme in many of these accounts and in Native American oral history is evidence suggesting ancient conflicts and wars that occurred. Intricate defensive works and hilltop forts of earth and stone existed in many states around the Ohio River Valley in ancient times. Many details of these giant skeleton reports point to something that indicates an anthropological mystery beyond the excessive size of the remains. Teeth being larger than those of ordinary human beings is often reported. A difficult thing to explain away because it occurs so often in these reports.


  1. Dear Mr. Vieira, after seeing yours and your brothers show, Search for the lost Giants, and learning about your search, I have some information I thought you might find valuable. There is local history where I live about a living giant couple who married and had a baby, sometime in the 1800's. They are buried in a local cemetery, with a statue, and Even have living family members in the area. The man was said to be about 8 to 10 foot tall and his wife was only slightly shorter. They had a very large baby, but I don't think he lived long. If you would like to learn more about this family, please contact me (Danni) at odinschild76@yahoo.com Thanks! And keep up with your search! We will be watching and cheering you on! Can't wait to see what's in that chamber

  2. What about a second season of the show, Search for Lost Giants? I want to know more about giants. Please do not stop! Thank you

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