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Your Daily Giant 5/17/2013

Today's Daily Giant covers a 100 period, with the results being exactly the same at both ends. First in the History of Coshocton County, Ohio-It's Past and Present, Albert Adams Graham-1881 pgs 512, 541 is found the following two accounts. The first reports Wesley Patrick digging into a burial mound, "It contained a few bones belonging to the human skeleton, including the skull, jaw bones and thigh. These were of an unusually large size and indicated the skeleton to be fully seven feet in length." The other entry in the same publication is, "a human skeleton, consisting of pieces of the skull, the thigh bone, teeth and a few fragmentary bones. From a careful examination of the thigh bone, the length of the skeleton was estimated to be over seven feet. The entire set of teeth were molars, there being no incisors among them-a characteristic, it is said of the Aztec race. Another particularity was that the length of the upper jaw and the lower jaw was the same." Finally, 100 years later in 1981, in the Ohio Archaeologist, Volume 31, pg 47, is found information on the "Excavation of Two Adena Mounds in Coshocton County Ohio by Wayne A. Mortine and Doug Randles." The description is, "However, Mortine and Randles' efforts were rewarded by several important discoveries which help illuminate the Adena picture in Ohio. Not the least among these discoveries are a series of Adena pendants and the revelation that an individual over seven feet tall had been buried in one of the mounds. The excavation of these mounds proves that there was an early as well as late Adena prescience in Coshocton County." So we have reports 100 years apart describing the same thing in the same exact way. A burial mound opening and unusually large skeletal find in 1981 is certainly eye-opening. Not quite colonial times. I have many more reports of eight foot and above skeletons than seven footers but how many people do you know are "over seven feet" (not to mention people with unusually large bones and giant skulls which results in an answer of zero). What is the occurrence of over seven footers in the modern general population of over seven billion? The percentage of Adena mounds which yielded skeletons over seven feet is remarkably high.

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