Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/14/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the History of Portage County Ohio, 1885 pg 220. Another burial mound with giant remains found in Ohio is reported. Ohio appears to be the hub of Giant skeletal finds in the United States. Ross Hamilton, author of "A Tradition of Giants" brings this fact to light in his excellent and well researched book. From the County History,

"Burial mounds are very numerous in the State and there are few counties that have not a greater or less number of these tumuli. The most remarkable of this class was a mound opened by John S. B. Matson, in Hardin County, in which over 300 skeletons were found. Some antiquarians, however, entertain the belief that they were not all the remains of Mound-Builders but many of them Indian remains, as it is well known that the latter often interred their dead in these monuments of their predecessors. When the first band of pioneers to the Western Reserve arrived at the mouth of Conneaut Creek, July 4, 1796, they discovered several mounds and could easily trace the outline of a large cemetery then overgrown with forest. Explorations were subsequently made and some gigantic skeletons exhumed from mounds which stood on the site of Conneaut, Ashtabula County. The frames and jaw-bones were those of giants and could not have belonged to the race of Indians then inhabiting any portion of this country. Several years ago a burial mound was opened in Logan County, from which three skeletons were taken. The frame of one was in an excellent state of preservation and measured nearly seven feet from the top of the skull to the lower part of the heel. In 1850 a mound lying on the north bank of Big Darby about one mile northwest of Plain City, in Union County, was opened and several massive skeletons taken therefrom. The lower jaw-bones, like those found at Conneaut, could be easily fitted over the jaw of a very large man, outside the flesh. These bones-and they are usually large wherever found-indicate that the Mound Builders were a gigantic race of beings, fully according in size with the colossal remains they have left behind them."

Once again multiple giant skeletal reports describing the same anatomic anomalies from one publication. It is an assault on objective truth to think that this is not a reality.

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