Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/24/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Daily Newburgh Journal, October 26, 1898, pg 1. An account of the unearthing of three unusually tall skeletons in Chillicothe, Ohio is given. Chillicothe was the site of many ancient geometric earthworks. The circle and octagon formation in Chillicothe connected with a similar circle and octagon 60 miles away in Newark Ohio. Earthen walls ran the 60 miles at a distance of 180 feet wide the entire length via the great Hopewell Road. Built roughly 2000 years ago both circle and octagon's measured the 18.61 metonic cycle of the moon thus predicting eclipses as first reported by researchers Hively and Horn of Earlham College in the 1980's. From the article, "Careful surveys have established the exactness of the figures. Great labor must have been required to construct this great intrenchment." In regards to the skeletons, "There have been unearthed at Chillicothe, Ohio, three monster skeletons. They were found in the neighborhood of what was at one time one of the most important earthworks of the mound builders. The skeletons, which were those of men over seven feet in height, were found in various postures and it is supposed they fell either defending or attacking the earthworks and were buried with military honors." Chillicothe joins the long list of ancient earthworks, pyramids and mounds that yielded giant skeletons.

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