Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 8/21/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Nebraska Advertiser, June 30, 1881, pg 1. Reported is the following,

"Mr. Jno, Park, of White county Ohio, recently while working in an old field, which has been cultivated for 85 years, found a grave walled with rock which contained the bones of a giant, estimated to have been nine feet in length and three feet across the breast. But few of the bones were in such a state of preservation to be handled."

Was a Mastodon ever buried in a grave walled with rock? Maybe it was somebody's pet. In the countless hours researching these reports I am yet to encounter any of the people mentioned in the accounts not to exist. Often these people who are making these reports are respected citizens with nothing to gain and much to lose by making what would seem like outrageous claims. Recently I posted the story of Charles Huntington and the unearthing of a nine foot skeleton he witnessed in Randolph County New York. The ancient skeleton eventually crumbled to dust but Charles used the measurements procured from the two doctors at the scene Dr. Frederick Larkin and Dr. T. Apoleon Cheney to build a nine foot wooden replica now housed at the Cattaraugus Museum in New York State. The remarkable measurements were of a nine foot tall skeleton which was 35 inches across the chest and had a jawbone so massive it was fit over the face of Jeff Darling one of the hunters who originally unearthed it. When skeptics started crying of an exaggeration Mr. Huntington contacted the assistant state geologist of New York C. A. Hartnagel, who verified that the measurements were on record with the state.

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