Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your Daily Giant 6/9/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Evening Bulletin, March 21, 1882 pg 3. Another giant skeleton report from Ohio, who may be leading the league in giants. From the article,

"A few days ago, some boys digging in an earth mound a short distance above Manchester, Ohio, brought to light a human skeleton in a good state of preservation, that measured over nine feet in length. The head was of an enormous size, the jaw-bone fitting loosely over the head of a large man. To what race of the past these remains belong and from whence the race came or where they went must forever remain a mystery. The discovery of the bones has created a sensation and is attracting much interest."

I have been in contact with many anthropologists, archaeologists and museum personnel and receive essentially the same response to my inquiries about giant skeletal reports. Certainly part of the schooling of professionals is an active attempt to ridicule this whole phenomena and classify it with mermaids and unicorns. I have been given the same reasons to explain away the evidence over and over. Hoaxes, misidentification of bones for bones of dinosaurs, mastodons etc.. and the phenomenon of disarticulation. The Cardiff Giant is a well known hoax but the reality is that there are a small handful of hoaxes including all the photo shopped nonsense on the internet. This accounts for less than one percent of these accounts. Misidentification sometimes occurred but with little frequency. Cotton Mather mistook a Mastodon tooth for a human one in the 1700's but if you have read these posts nearly all these accounts have come from the opening of burial mounds with artifact finds, these are clearly human bones. Disarticulation is the phenomena that over time the bones of the skeleton tend to separate and appear larger than normal. I would say that may account for a few inches here and there but not several feet and many accounts are reported by university trained anthropologists and archaeologists well acquainted with human anatomy.

I would also say that none of these explanations comes close to addressing the most important point, anatomic anomalies. Like today's account with a jawbone fitting with ease over the face of a large man and a massive skull. You do not have to be a physical anthropologist to realize skull helmets, double rows of teeth, bones as thick as a horse, massive teeth and other anatomic peculiarities well out of normal range indicate a strange set of affairs. To my knowledge there has never been a controversial phenomena where observational reports of a subject that is stationary and can be examined, measured and put on display, are conveying not only information that undermines an entire field of the sciences but reports the same strange descriptions consistently and over a large span of time.

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