Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/5/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Washington Post, April 24, 1932. A report of giant skeletons found in Tennessee is given.

"Skeletons of three gigantic men buried by a forgotten race have been unearthed by a fisherman digging in an old Indian mound here. Tribal finery in which the bodies were interred was recovered intact. One of the skeletons bore ivory beads and a long ivory ornament. Another was decorated with copper beads and designs of bones and mica. Two were found near the surface. Farther down the largest of the skeletons was discovered in a sitting position on the carpet of ashes. Pottery, one piece containing the bones of an infant, was found nearby. It was in a fine state of preservation. Indian mounds abound in this section but hitherto none have yielded skeletons the size of those found by the fisherman. He has offered them to the Tennessee Historical Society at Nashville."

Many accounts describe multiple giant skeletons being unearthed. This undermines claims that these giant reports are isolated cases of gigantism. In my opinion these accounts are difficult to explain away with orthodox explanations. This is another non-sensational find from an ancient burial mound indicating contents similar to so many others. It looks like Tennessee named it's pro football team the Titans with good reason.

Skeptics offer several lame explanations to try to explain this phenomenon away. One of which is that these reports are attempts to sell newspapers. So here is another non-sensational account from page 12 of the Washington Post, a newspaper that probably doesn't need to print false stories to boost circulation. Boy, I think I'll pick up the Post today in the hopes that there will be a blurb about giants on page 12. Stooooopid!

Btw, I celebrated the 4th by finding over 50 new giant reports. 50!! Giants. Deal with it.

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