Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/23/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Daily Press, August 3, 1905. The article states the following, "The gravel pits in the vicinity of Dayton have revealed some startling finds recently, several giant skeletons having been unearthed but possiby the most interesting was that discovered in the pit at Edgar's Woods. The bones were those of a man of abnormal growth, the skeleton being remarkable for the great length of the arms...Attorney T. B. Herman, Republican candidate for city solicitor, was present when the find was made. He was with Moorhead when the later opened the mounds in Ohio and later claims that the skeleton in Edgar's pit in no way compares with those of the mound builders. The skeleton is believed to be that of an Indian or other aborigine further removed in the scale of mankind. The skull was long and narrow and indicating a decided cranial deformity." The Moorhead mentioned is Warren K. Moorhead, the "Dean of American Archaeology". Moorhead was no stranger to Giant skeleton finds, having unearthed them in at least five states. The mention here of cranial deformity is very interesting. The real question is what or who where cultures all over the world emulating with the act of cranial deformation? Certainly another Anthropological Mystery that has not been adequately studied.

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