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Your Daily Giant 5/18/2013

Today's Daily Giant is from "Columbus, The Story of a City", by Ed Lentz, 2003 pg 16. The book is a straightforward look into the history of the city of Columbus, Ohio. A discussion of a burial mound once standing in the city is given as follows,

"When settlers first came into the newly established capital city of Columbus they encountered a 40-foot high burial mound directly at the intersection of High Street and a major cross street in the middle of downtown. Not surprisingly, the cross street came to be called Mound Street....And by the 1830's the need to widen High Street became too obvious to ignore. When the mound was rather unscientifically removed, a number of skeletal remains were found. One man found a skull so large it fit easily over his own head. Other people found a variety of artifacts, according to newspaper accounts of the time. None of these artifacts or remains have survived into our time. If they have, they remain quietly in private hands."

To me this account perfectly illustrates the lack of credibility of the arguments of the skeptics. In reading this account are there any doubts you have about the veracity of the facts? It is a well known and long standing ancient burial mound. When opened it yielded artifacts and skeletal material like they almost always do. The skull was described as fitting easily over the finder's head. This is the description that appears over and over and over in these accounts that cannot be ignored. There is no modern precedent for a skull so big it fits easily over someone's head but there it is once again. This is a burial mound with human artifacts as always. These are not Mastodon or dinosaur bones as often lazily stated by skeptics. It absolutely does not matter that it was not "scientifically" investigated in terms of anatomical description to establish that a human skull of inconceivable size is being described in the only way a layman could, so big as to fit easily over the head. I cannot envision an argument to explain this away; mass delusion, time travel from the future to plant giant skulls and skeletons in burial mounds, or the biggest hoax in human history for no perceived gain covering generations of hoaxers. Basically it is all laughable nonsense and those who try to dismiss this phenomenon of thousands of reports of giant human skeletons in a few feeble sentences should not be taken seriously regardless of their credentials.

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