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Your Daily Giant 6/7/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Weekly Kansas Chief, October 29, 1874 pg 1. Another giant account from Michigan is described.

"William. D. Rhodes, Curator of the High School Museum, who has just returned from a trip into Barry County, where he has been engaged in making collection of specimens for the museum, relates the particulars of a very interesting archeological discovery, which is the first intelligence that our antiquarians have received of the fact. Last fall, while a Mr. Cartwright was breaking up a new piece of land for wheat and was plowing over an old mound, his plow cut off the skulls of seven skeletons. Mr. Cartwright was considerably startled by the ghastly sight of twelve skulls rolling all at once in the furrow but proceeded to an investigation, when twenty-two skeletons were found, sitting upright, face to face in a circle. A number of arrowheads, stone pipes and hatchets were found with the skeletons; also a silver breast plate covered with curious inscriptions. This plate was sold to a young man for $10, who has since moved away, and our archaeologists are now endeavoring to get trace of it, as they expect it will reveal something interesting to them.

The most remarkable part of the discovery was the size of the skeletons. They were giants and averaged from seven to eight feet in height. The lower jaw of any of them could be fitted with the greatest ease over a man's face. The teeth were perfectly preserved and very large. The bone were again buried by Mr. C., a party of antiquarians from this city, will visit his farm as soon as the wheat is out, and exhume them and also penetrate another similar mound adjacent. Old settlers say that when they came into the country the Indians, although they had a burial place nearby, had no knowledge of these old mounds and said that they were built before the recollection of their forefathers. Archaeologists are much interested in this important discovery and expect to find the skeletons to be the remains of the mound builders."

Another report of stone, copper, brass or silver artifact with "curious inscriptions". With these giant reports are invariably found mention of "curious inscriptions" and "strange hieroglyphs" as well as large teeth and jawbones that could be fit over the face of the finder. These strange artifacts are often reported to have been sent to the Smithsonian where they surely disappeared or they were transformed into hoaxes and ridiculed by professionals because they didn't support theories that are clearly incorrect. A well known account relayed by David Hatcher Childress claims that in the early 1900's the Smithsonian dumped a barge of inconvenient artifacts into the Atlantic. Ancient America surely was a fascinating place with earthen pyramids and large cities including massive geometric forms with advanced geometric, mathematical, engineering and astronomical knowledge. Burial mounds yielded treasures of pearls, copper and amazing artifacts, none of which is contested by mainstream archaeologists. What has been contested is the giant skeletons and the strange writing often found on objects displaying a grasp of advanced metallurgy. It is surely time for a new curriculum in our schools. One that inspires students with compelling works of form and beauty not one that bores them to death with accounts of endless wars and a desire to transform young people into compliant consumers rather than inspired and open minded thinkers.

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