Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/26/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Biographical Memoirs of Henry County Indiana, 1902 pg 465. From the book,

"He is fond of outdoor life, being especially fond of horses and hunting. However, he cares nothing for sports, having never played a game of any kind in his life. He has taken much interest in the investigation of the noted mounds, one which he opened containing the skeleton of a giant human being. The lower jaw was large enough to fit over an ordinary man's head, while the other bones were proportionate in size. The skull was a half inch in thickness and under it were found twelve flint arrowheads."

Apparently another hopeless liar who must have read through thousands of pages of town and county histories to ascertain the knowledge that everyone else was fallaciously reporting massive jawbones and unusually thick skulls found in ancient burial mounds. Could there be another answer? Is it possible that the good men and women of professional anthropology and archaeology have it wrong and these reports are factual? With the comlete arrogance and dissmissiveness one receives by mentioning this subject you would think they have it right but I think we know better.

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