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Your Daily Giant 6/13/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Scientific American, Volume 6, 1862, pg 227. Reported is natural curiosities of California-Great caves-Skulls with Double Rows of Teeth. From the article,

"A correspondent, Alexander S. Taylor, contributes the following interesting information to the California Farmer: Caves of gypsum and other calcareous formations exist in the Sierra Nevada, in the Coast Mountains, in the Santa Barbara Islands and also of other geological formations of both California's. Indian figures in red color are found in these latter formations in the Carmelo Mountains and elsewhere and also in lower California. Painted rocks are found in the Tulare termination of the Estrella Valley not far east of the Mission of San Miguel in San Luis Obispo country. The Indian skulls with double rows of teeth are said to have been found not only abundantly on San Clemente Island caves but also often still on the neighboring island of San Miguel, the San Bernardo or Juan Rodriguez of Cabrillo."

The first mention of giants I encountered while researching town histories on a unrelated matter, was a report of an eight foot skeleton with double rows of teeth and a head as big as a peck basket found in the History of Deerfield, Ma. 1895 pg 78. Intrigued, I then read through thousands of pages of New England Town histories and historical documents. What I found was startling. Multiple accounts describing a "strange" or "curious" feature being this extreme case of Hyperdontia or Supernumerary teeth. Martha's Vineyard, Ma.- Seven foot skeleton with double rows of teeth, Hadley, Ma. seven foot skeleton with double rows of teeth, Middleboro, Ma. seven foot eight skeleton with double rows of teeth, Rockingham, Vt. Skeleton of extraordinary size with double rows of teeth and jawbone so large it could be fit over the face of the finder, Concord, Nh. giant skeleton with double rows of teeth etc... I have been contacted and met with several people with this rare genetic condition, usually of Native American heritage, but not all. It does not seem like this genetic oddity could have been widely known about, yet it is reported in every corner of the country with giant skeletal finds. Another compelling piece of evidence to support the reality of giants existing in the past. Finally, from the History of Middlesex County, Ma. Volume 2, 1880, pg 243, "Baptist Church, Newton Corner-Five Indian skeletons and several ancient copper coins were turned up by the laborers in digging the cellar for the building. The spot was probably once the seat of an Indian settlement and here they buried their dead. The jaw of one, which was in perfect preservation, with the full number of teeth, and double all round, was placed in the box, which was sealed and deposited under the corner stone." The church in Newton, Ma. is still in use today.

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