Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 8/12/2013

Today's Daily Giant is another account from The Twelfth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution. Another account of an over seven foot skeleton found in a burial mound. From the report,

"The length from the base of the skull to the bones of the toes was found to be 7 feet 3 inches. It is probable, therefore, that this individual when living was fully 7 1/2 feet high. At the head lay some small pieces of mica and a green substance, probably the oxide of copper, though no ornament or article of copper was discovered. This was the only burial in the mound."

At least nine different accounts of skeletons 7 to 8 feet unearthed in different states are recorded in the Smithsonian's Ethnology Reports. There are several other references to "very large" skeletons being unearthed that we do not know the size of. The percentage of over seven foot skeletons found in the burial mounds of Ancient America is much higher than the occurrence of seven footers in our society. Several of these reports are describing 7 1/2 footers as well, this is an extremely rare height to achieve and why were all these extremely large persons buried in the mounds? The Smithsonian accounts read just like hundreds of other burial mound openings and skeletal finds of eight, nine and ten foot heights. We are told these are hoaxes and Mastodon misidentifications but it is plain to see that they are not.

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