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Your Daily Giant 5/20/2013

Today's Daily Giant reports discoveries in Hardin County Iowa from the Clinton Mirror, April 28, 1900, pg 7. The account reports Joseph Booda and Elliot Charles Gaynes had found innumerable mound builder relics and a giant skeleton. The find interested scientists from various parts of the country including Charles Aldrich of the State Horticultural Society. Some of the intriguing details of the article are as follows,

"Assuring himself of the truthfulness of the various newspaper accounts, Mr. Aldrich has arranged to be in Eldora next month and begin a careful and systematic exploration of some of the mounds in the vicinity...In a large show window in Eldora for several days has been exhibited the skeleton of a man which was found in a mound on the banks of the Iowa river near Eagle City, six miles north. It has caused much interest and wonderment. Although well preserved it is estimated that the skeleton is centuries old. The skull is very large and thick, fully a quarter of an inch. A set of almost round double teeth are remarkably well preserved. They are yellow with age, are perfect in shape and appear to have been double, both above and below. The femurs are very long, showing a giant in stature. Dr. N. C. Morse, a prominent physician, who examined the skeleton, pronounced it that of a person who had evidently been trained for athletics, as the extremities were so well developed."

The first giant skeleton account that I ever ran across was in the 1895 Town History of Deerfield, Ma., that on page 78 described an eight foot skeleton with double rows of teeth and a head as big as a peck basket. Eventually I would unearth giant accounts with double rows of teeth reported all around the country. Today's account is particularly compelling for it mentions several other often used descriptions found in these reports. Besides double rows of teeth in both the upper and lower jaw we find, a skull very large and thick, teeth well preserved or perfect and a physician commenting on the robust muscularity of the individual exclaiming he must have been "trained for athletics". This giant skeleton was on display also, arousing much interest and wonderment. I do not know what happened to the skeleton as of yet, whether in went to a museum or private collection but saying where is the skeleton hardly negates an account such as this. The skeleton came out of a burial mound, it was not a hoax or a Mastodon, being verified by an independent physician who was considered "prominent" and it describes the same anatomic anomalies mentioned all around the country in all manner of historical documents, scientific journals and newspaper accounts in an era of inefficient communication. The End.

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