Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 7/19/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Pioneers of the Western Preserve by Harvey Rice, 1883 pg 172-174. Another very compelling account is given, "It would seem that this locality had been occupied by a prehistoric race of the human family. Of this fact the evidences are quite irresistible and have been accepted by sundry antiquarians as conclusive. In excavating some of these mounds in the year 1800, human bones of gigantic proportions were discovered in such a state of preservation as to be accurately described and measured. The cavities of the skulls were large enough in their dimensions to receive the entire head of a man of modern times and could be put on one's head with as much ease as a hat or a cap. The jaw-bones were sufficiently large to admit of being placed so as to match or fit the outside of a modern man's face. The other bones, so far as discovered, appeared to be of equal proportions with the skulls and jaw-bones, several of which have been preserved as relics in the cabinets of antiquarians where they may still be seen...The gigantic dimensions of these bones refute the idea that they were descended from any of the European continent, but indicate that there was in the early ages a race of giants on the earth, who have long since become extinct, like the mastodon, the saurian and many huge animals belonging to the remote geological periods, whose fossil remains are now their only record. The fact that a race of gigantic men once existed on this continent is verified by the frequent discoveries of human bones in several of the Western States, as well as elsewhere, which are very much larger than the skeletons of any race of men known to the historic ages of the world. In the remote age of the mastodon and the saurian, both plane life and animal life assumed in many instances huge proportions and in all probability, included in successive ages huge men, who, as well as huge planes and animals, were doomed to disappear from the face of the earth after completing the allotted period of their destiny." More sober testimony based on observational accounts. Not the torturing of evidence to fit theories that are riddled with anomalies like exists today. In town and county histories all over the country these same exact findings are reported, what argument could a skeptic possibly conjure to refute this?

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