Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 8/2/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from Lest we forget-remembrances of the pioneers of Grant County Indiana, 1921 pgs 29, 30, 74, 75, 82 and 83. Another historical document that has multiple giant accounts contained within it. From the book,

"Also when Marion was laid out, several Indian mounds were found. One was situated just back of Buchanan's old maple shop on Third street and the first court house was built on a mound. This one was the largest in Grant county, being sixteen feet in height and sixty feet in diameter. These mounds contained many human bones and an expert from Chicago said that the people must have been seven feet tall. The bones of some Mastodon's were also found. These were broken up but part of a jawbone found weighed thirty-seven pounds. Also, a tooth was found which weighed seven pounds. The expert said the mastodon itself probably weighed nine tons."

Later in the book, "The owner of the mound gave many people permission to dig into it. One day two men were given permission to dig. They dug a trench north and south about four feet deep. After digging they found a part of a skeleton of a man, the thigh bone, ball and socket joint and many small bones. When the small bones were exposed to the air they immediately crumbled. The ball socket joint and thigh bones were taken to a physician in Upland and he estimated the bones were of a man at least nine feet tall and weighing not less than three hundred pounds and the man was not fleshy."

Finally, "The first people we know anything about in Grant County is the mound builder. The mounds were oval shaped and varying in diameter from ten to sixty feet. The largest mound was found were the present court house now stands. This was ten feet in height and the interior revealed layers of gravel, charcoal and human skeletons about seven or eight feet in length." I have attached some photos of Mastodon teeth and skulls. This is one of the main points that skeptics claim that these giant accounts came from. Do you think if you had a seven pound tooth or saw a skull that size that somehow you would claim it was human by accident? Possibly after 7 martinis. What a sorry attempt to deflect away scrutiny of this subject. I will say that professionals certainly buy it, every last anthropologist and archaeologist I have contacted listed this point as one of the main sources of these reports. Embarrassing.

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