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Your Daily Giant 6/22/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Evening Star, July 16, 1898 pg 8. Interesting discoveries in the vicinity of Parkersburg and Cheat Neck West Virginia are reported. The article reads,
"A remarkable cave has been discovered near Parkersburg, W. Va. The entrance will only permit one person going in at a time and after proceeding ten or fifteen feet a large room is encountered, twenty feet square of solid stone. Dates are carved on the walls as far back as 1598. In one corner of the room a stone door, swung on large steel hinges, leads to stone steps, which the explores followed to a room, where many human skeletons were found. By the aid of a rope one can be lowered into another room, twenty feet below the skeleton chamber, where fish can be found by the hundred in a pond, the fish resembling the common perch. Hundreds of stone fish are to be found in the different sections of the cave. These the people are carrying away as relics. The cave is on the farm of B. A. Price. A party from Morgantown W. Va., opened one of a series of mounds in the vicinity of Cheat Neck, W. Va., with interesting results. The mound was partly built of stones, rising in a conical shape and covered with moss and wild flowers. After considerable labor, an entrance was made in the center of the mound, where two skeletons were found in a fair state of preservation both being of gigantic stature and build. When the men were in full life they must have been at least twelve high and possessed of enormous strength, as the size of the bones would indicate. With the exception of the enormous skulls. which were partly crumbled and decayed, the skeletons were in a perfect state of preservation."
Even in an account that seems straight out of the twilight zone like this one, the language used and descriptions given can be found just like hundreds of other accounts. Perfect state of preservation, enormous skulls, gigantic stature and build, possessed of enormous strength, are repeatedly reported. Many mystery caves have been in fact reported, especially out west and almost always along with giant skeletons. A coincidence? Any good detective stops believing in coincidence.

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