Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your Daily Giant 6/14/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from The Palm Beach Post, October 2, 1934, pg 24. A description of another find in Florida of giant skeletal remains follows, "The continual wash of the Atlantic ocean cutting through a narrow coastal island about one mile south of St. Lucie Inlet has exposed the bones of men evidently laid to rest hundreds of years ago, says the Fort Pierce News-Tribune. Skeletons of nine individuals were discovered, some in the shallow waters of the inlet and others beneath nearby sand. All of the men were unusually tall and must have been sturdy giants in their day. One jaw bone taken from the site measured eight and a half inches from the joint of the jaw to where it hinged on the skull. One shin bone was almost twice the length of the ordinary shin bone of today." Is this account something sensationalized or a hoax? This blurb didn't even have a title and it was lost in the shuffle on page 24. It was 1934 not 1634, not exactly ancient history. Nine skeletons were described, they are obviously human and disarticulation is not a factor, unless you have a friend who has one shin bone twice as large as the other and an eight and a half inch distance from the joint of the jaw to where it hinged on the skull. I encourage people to believe what their experience tells them, reason and logic would certainly dictate that giants existing in the past is a reality. This reality is obvious to all except those whose vision has been obfuscated by having a vested interest in the current paradigm. Selling out, paying dumb, and making bad faith arguments unfortunately seems to come quite easily to humans, especially academics who want to be on the winning team and protect their status and 30 pieces of silver.


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