Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/30/2013

For today's Daily Giant I am posting 6 articles describing giant skeletons unearthed from Ancient American burial mounds. A frequent argument from skeptics who like to engage in bad faith arguments is that the main thrust of all these giant accounts is the desire of editors to sell newspapers. The reality is that the majority of these accounts are unsensational and brief accounts buried in the back of newspapers with little or no fanfare. The same types of finds reported in these periodicals such as massive skulls and jawbones, massive skeletal frames and double rows of teeth are also found buried in numerous obscure scientific journals and town histories. This argument is insulting to common sense. A telling aspect of this phenomena is that because there is so much clear evidence that not only can the reality of it be easily shown but it also brings into focus how absurd the skeptics arguments are and shows how otherwise intelligent people can transform themselves into morons because their belief systems are challenged. Now for some Giants! From the Meriden Weekly Republican, May 19, 1892, "A well preserved skeleton of a man, said to have been at least ten feet tall, was exhumed at Trace Fork, Tenn., last week. The skull and other bones are very large. It is supposed to be the skeleton of a prehistoric man." From the Gallipolis Journal March 4, 1875, "Mr. Alexander Xermus, of Dunn's Lake, Fla., has found skeletons of a by-gone race in the mounds on his plantation nine feet long, and what is of more importance to Mr. Xermus, traces of gold also." From the Marshall County Independent, September 14, 1900, "Three skeletons were found in a small mound on a farm near Whites town. They are much larger than skeletons of the present day." From the Saint Paul Daily Globe, February 27, 1890, "Some professors who have been digging into the Indian mounds of Pennsylvania have unearthed the skeleton of a brave who must have stood twelve feel high. From the News-Herald, September 19, 1895, "The Republican errs in its statement that the earth works on the West Farm, near Boston, were never opened before. One of the larger mounds was entered years ago, and five very large skeletons were removed." From the New Ulm Weekly Review, October 24, 1888, "Five skeletons were unearthed at Grand Forks by Prof. Montgomery. This makes a total of eleven skeletons dug out of this mound. The professor is sanguine of unearthing more and is still excavating with the aid of a couple of workmen. The bones found were nearly perfect and were those of mammoth individuals." Step right up suckers and buy our lousy newspaper filled with lies, an obscure giant story buried on the back page makes them sell right off the shelf. There is nothing wrong with healthy skepticism but in my eyes if someone lacks the ability to evaluate evidence in an open-minded fashion, regardless of what impact it may have on their set of personal beliefs, then they forfeit their right to be taken seriously.

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