Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Daily Giant 5/28/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Evening News, December 20, 1904, pg 1. Giants are once again reported but this time they were live. From the article, "After a year's visit to the land of the Eskimos, Captain Christian Jensen of the bark Silicon, arrived last night at his home here. A strange tale is told by Captain Jensen of a remarkable race of giants, some of whom visited the Eskimos and Danes at the mining settlement of Arusk, ten miles from Ivigtut Bay, Greenland. These people had never before been seen even by the Eskimos. They are copper colored and are seven, eight and even nine feet tall. In feature they resemble the American Indian. "These strange people", said Captain Jensen, "represented to the Eskimos a traditional, a most legendary tribe of giants, stories of which had been brought down to them until they regarded the race as mythical, They cannot speak the language of the Eskimos and could only make known by signs that they had been driven from their homes in the interior by great storms and cold weather." Christian Jensen was indeed a Danish Sea Captain and this account was also reported in the New York Times on December 19, 1904, The Evening Post, February 18, 1905, The Nelson Evening Mail, February 22, 1905, The Grey River Argus, March 7, 1905, The Poverty By Herald, February 9, 1905, the Journal Search-light: A condensed Weekly of the News and Progress of the World-Volume 25, pg 80, 1905 and Walter Johnson's The continuity of British Archeology 1908 pg 20. Once again, my intent is to lay out all these accounts and create a record of all this information. Some accounts have more traceable evidence associated with them like a museum that is verified to have had giant skeletal remains later to have them removed by NAGPRA or catalog numbers from the Smithsonian's annual reports showing receipt of skulls of an over eight foot person and one with a skull described as "almost as big as a watermelon" when mounted at the Smithsonian. I am not cherry picking, just laying all these out to see. Frankly, if anyone has read through these hundreds of posts and has not concluded that there is quite a bit of compelling evidence to warrant further investigation of this matter then they are probably just an asshole anyway who is playing dumb or involved in bad faith arguments and are not to be taken seriously.

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