Saturday, March 8, 2014

Your Daily Giant 6/3/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Pittsburg Dispatch, December 17, 1891 pg 4. Amazing Mound Builder artifacts are mentioned, along with a giant axe. From the article regarding the find at Chillicothe Ohio, "Many curious articles in addition to those mentioned in a previous dispatch have been unearthed at the Copper Cross Mound. Two skeletons, lying side by side, were found covered with a flooring of copper, six by eight feet. The copper comprising the layers had been worked into 105 forms, representing both axes and plates and some half dozen unclassified forms. There were 66 copper Celts ranging in size from an inch and a half to 22 1/2 inches in length. The large, thick copper axe just mentioned weighed 41 pounds and in point of size and value exceeded any single specimen ever found in the United States. There are traces of gold in it. Remains of a copper stool about a foot in length and several inches in height lay near the head of one of the skeletons. The stool was made out of wood and has been covered with sheet copper. The largest find of beads made up to date had been 6,000. Enough beautiful pearl and shell beads were found to fill a soap box." Okay now I will get on my soapbox. This is not the history of Ancient America that I was taught in school. Whether it was racism, an desire for economic gain and power or some other screwed up agenda, the amazing accomplishments of the Native civilizations certainly have been marginalized. You would think with all these giant skeletons being unearthed there would be giant artifacts and weapons as well. Yes there were and they are in museums and private collections to this day. They have magically been transformed into "ceremonial" though as an attempt to deal with their troubling size. Many giant skeleton reports also included giant artifacts being unearthed like the following from the New York Times July 14, 1916. "Professor A. B. Skinner of the American Indian Museum, Professor W. K. Morehead of Philips Andover Academy and Dr. George Donohue, Pennsylvania State Historian...have uncovered an Indian mound at Tioga Point..In the mound uncovered were found the bones of sixty-eight men which are believed to have been buried 700 years ago. The average height of the men was seven feet, while many were much taller. Further evidence of their gigantic size was found in the large Celts or axes hewed from stone and buried in the grave." Gigantic skeletons cannot be called ceremonial so they had to disappear to keep the lie going.

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