Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 8/20/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the New York Times December 5, 1963. President Kennedy has just been assassinated (without getting off track, let's just say not by a magic bullet) and Cape Canaveral is being renamed Cape Kennedy. A very interesting section is given at the end of the article,

"The earliest inhabitants of this area are believed to have been the Surruque Indians. Historians have traced their occupancy back to 800 A. D. They remained until the late 1600's when they disappeared without trace, giving rise to their description as "The Lost Tribe." From what little is known about them, they were a seafaring people who may have emigrated from Central America. Skeletal remains found in burial mounds at the Cape indicted that the men were very tall, averaging about seven feet. They were also ferocious, according to early explorers."

Spanish explorers described encountering giant inhabitants in Florida and while looking for evidence of a "giant race theory" Smithsonian agents routinely uncovered giant skeletal remains which were often reported to have been shipped back to Washington, D.C.

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