Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 8/8/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the Twelfth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution. This is an account of the opening of burial mounds in Dunleith, Illinois. From the report,

"No. 5, the largest of the group carefully examined. Two feet below the surface, near the apex, was a skeleton, doubtless an intrusive Indian burial. Near the original surface of the ground, several feet north of the center, were the much decayed skeletons of some 6 or 8 persons, of every size, from infant to the adult. Near the original surface, 10 or 12 feet from the center, on the lower side, lying at full length upon its back, was one of the largest skeletons discovered by the Bureau agents, the length as proved by actual measurement being between 7 and 8 feet. It was clearly traceable but crumbled to pieces immediately after removal from the hard earth it was encased."

This is one of several accounts in the Smithsonian Ethnology Reports of over seven foot skeletons being unearthed from burial mounds by their scientists. It reads just like hundreds of other accounts of the opening of burial mounds with skeletons 7 to 11 feet being described. The phenomena of bones crumbling to dust is mentioned widely in many of these accounts. Skeptics argue that it was a way for hoaxers to make claims and then did not have to show proof. This was given as one of the reason's my TEDX talk was removed from the internet, because I mentioned this occurring in many reports. I believe information should be presented and people can make up their mind and do their own research. Reality being dictated to the masses is Orwellian.

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