Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Daily Giant 8/1/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from Michigan; a Guide to the Wolverine State, 1941, pg 504. From the book,

"North Leslie, 21.5 m., is part of the village of Leslie. At its western edge, along Rice's Creek, INDIAN MOUNDS cover a tract of 15 or 20 acres. Among the bones unearthed were a human skull, so large that no hat in Leslie could be found to fit it and a thigh bone three inches longer than that of the tallest man in the village. In the vicinity are rectangular earthworks, with entrances at the ends, possible thrown up for defensive purposes by the vanished race of mound builders."

Page 504, wow what a sensational story, I bet this obscure reference to giants made this 1941 book sell off the shelves. Maybe it was Mastodon bones like skeptics and professionals claim. Perhaps the most idiotic argument of our misguided friends, how the hell could all these sacred burial mounds of humans be packed with Mastodon bones? Does this obscure reference seem like a hoax? One with absolutely no perceived gain, not really. Like so many of these historical accounts the people act just like you and I would if we unearthed giant skeletal remains, talk about the unusual length of bones and marvel at the massive skull and describe it. Then again maybe this was a hoax, just look at the next paragraph.

"Leslie, 22.5 . (936 alt., 1,105 pop.) settled in 1836, is a thriving agricultural community. Artesian wells, 180 feet in depth, bring to the surface some of the finest water in the state."

There is no way that Leslie has the finest water in the state. It has to be Lansing or Flint. Maybe I will pay a couple of middle school kids to debate the skeptics. It may give them a fighting chance.

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