Sunday, March 9, 2014

Your Daily Giant 6/27/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from The Dental Summary, Volume 30, 1910, pg 7. A discussion of the mound builder dental plan is discussed. From the article,

"C. H. Lawrence of Fenyville, Wis., has exhumed some bones of a prehistoric race from mounds near his home. One of the skeletons indicated a man eight or nine feet tall. Among the collection are three complete jaw bones, in each of which every tooth is intact and perfect, except that some are greatly worn, those in one jaw having been shortened to the level of the gums. The teeth in the larger inferior maxillary were in a perfect state of preservation, although the row of molars on the left side was considerably worn, indicating that their owner in life had chewed principal on that side. In none of these teeth are any cavities in evidence, which, together with the fact that none are missing, would indicate that the mound building age was a very poor one for dentists."

This report from a dental journal joins similar descriptions of giant skeletons to be found in medical and surgical journals, anthropological journals, archaeological bulletins, town histories, newspaper accounts, the Smithsonian's ethnology reports, scientific journals, assorted books, magazines, explorers diaries and literature etc... I guess the whole world is out of its collective mind here when it comes to the discussion of this phenomena. What's going on 100 or 150 years ago is that anthropological and archaeological theories were not solidified, so you have an enormous amount of people just plainly reporting what they found as they inquisitively tried to piece together the mysteries of Ancient America. The incorrect theories of the sciences had yet to be solidified in the minds of the general public about such matters. Today we are force fed lies and told if we discuss these matters in a reasonable and open minded fashion then we are fools engaging in conspiracies or wild speculation. Of course, all of this is nonsense, this is incontrovertibly the truth and I would much rather be a "nut" than a sellout.

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