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Your Daily Giant 7/24/2013

Today's Daily Giant comes from the History of Bradford County Pennsylvania by Henry C. Bradsby, 1891, pg. 441. Another Town or County History reporting giant skeletons unearthed, which is obscurely buried in the text, this one on page 441. The account is as follows,

"Ancient Giants.- Some men in digging a cellar for Gen. Mckean came to a rock-enclosed tomb, nine feet below the surface and over nine feet long by two and a half wide. The soft bones of the skeleton, as it lay, were carefully measured by Joseph Williams, of Troy and it was eight feet two inches in length. There were two of those graves within the space of the cellar and one was overgrown by a pine tree over three feet in diameter. William McKean, of Troy, made a statement that, in 1841, in cutting down a noted old dead stump of great size, he found unmistakable marks of some sharp, ax-like instrument near the heart. It was carefully slit and examined and there could be no mistake of the nature of the cuts. He was assisted in the examination by the Rev. Moses Ingalls: they counted the rings and came to the conclusion that the marks had been made over four hundred years ago!"

If you read between the lines of the arguments of professionals and the skeptics, apparently the most inexplicable and unprecedented thing in written history has occurred in the past of our country. For several hundred years some of the most respected citizens such as doctors, priests, archaeologists, anthropologists, mayor's, chief justices, and newspaper editors have somehow jointly betrayed us and lied about a multi-generational phenomena for no perceived gain. Although none of these thousands of people had ever complained that they were misquoted in historical documents, scientific journals or newspapers and over 99% of them have never been connected to any hoax scenario, somehow and for some unknowable reason they all lied down to the last soul. They somehow conspired with each other from all around the country and through decades of time, like some secret society, to consistently report the exact same anatomic anomalies such as double rows of teeth, jaw bones that could be fit over the face of the finder and skulls that could be placed over the head like a helmet. Well, that professional academic fairytale is not exclusive to this phenomena, cognitive dissonance is the default setting for many who lack the needed answers because they are not supplied by their inaccurate paradigm. Unfortunately, we are still in the dark ages of science in many ways. Our past has been obfuscated by those who wish to disempower and control us and professionals deserve little respect unless they agree to maturely and open-mindedly join the debate of anomalous phenomena.

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