Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 1/10/2013

A picture of George Sheldon's Archaeological scrapbook at the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association Museum in Deerfield Ma. After finding an account of an 8 foot skeleton with double rows of teeth and a skull as big as a peck basket in George Sheldon's 1895 The Town History of Deerfield, Ma. Volume 1, page 78. I decided to visit the library that Sheldon founded.
Sheldon was one of the most respected historians in the country in his time, and one of the first preservationists in U.S. history. He was the museum's first president, and maintains legendary status at the prestigious Deerfield Academy to this day. I found correspondence from Admiral Byrd and other luminaries in his personal letters. At the museum’s library, I showed one of the employees the giant skeleton account from the Deerfield town history, and asked if he could lead me in any direction towards unraveling this mystery.
He put in front of me Sheldon's Archaeological scrapbook. Sheldon had pasted together newspaper accounts about the Mound Builders, the Zuni Indians and Giant skeletal finds. 7 and 8 foot skeletons in Ohio, unusually thick skulls from East Hartford, 7 foot skeleton with double rows of teeth in Hadley Mass. I then found the 1886 book of curiosities and relics a listing of a thigh bone of an "at least" 8 foot skeleton that was on display until recently. I spoke with the physical Anthropologist who fairly recently reinterred the remains as part of NAGPRA, who verified the information. So it looks like Sheldon was one of the original Giant hunters. Any skeptics care to weigh in, Mastodons, broken tape measures, disarticulation, any other pathetic theories?

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