Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 1/25/2013

A 10 foot skeleton found in Akron, Ohio. Once again with the anatomic anomaly of a massive jawbone, explained in a similar way as countless other reports, "the lower jawbone of such proportion as to easily fit over the outside of the jaw of the LARGEST modern man." I have seen this same description over decades of time all around the country. What do you do when you find a giant jawbone, you slip it over your face and you say WTF. There was pottery and a mortar and pestle at the site, I don't think a Disney mastodon was using these tools. The reality is, if just one of these accounts is true, then so much about history, evolution, anthropology and archaeology is turned upside down. I have read through thousands of these accounts from the New York Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, in fact, newspapers in every corner of the country. These accounts are found in Archaeological Bulletins, Scientific Journals, American Antiquarian, Scientific American, Popular Science, Smithsonian Ethnology Reports and Town and County Histories. My personal opinion is the overwhelmingly majority are truly stated, I firmly believe this. I have checked and rechecked the people involved in these accounts, verifying that they are real, their professions are correct, were property owners, professors, anthropologists, archaeologists etc. I have read through countless Smithsonian Ethnology reports and found the people named in many accounts and verified the Smithsonian had its agents at the scene. Once again, if one of these thousands of accounts is true...... what do you think .

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