Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 1/30/2013

Washington Post 1934!

From the Washington Post August 26th 1934 is the report of a femur from a nine foot skeleton. A few of the miserable and infantile arguments skeptics give to try to explain away the existence of a race of Giants in the past are improper identification of bones as some other creature or a poor understanding of human anatomy. Firstly, the majority of finds are in burial mounds. Did Native Americans dress up mastodons with jewelry, copper bracelets, pearls and put weapons in their hands. Was Ancient America like Disney's "Ice Age" where Woolly mammoths could speak and say funny things? The account shown here clearly states that other normal sized skeletons were unearthed at this site. This shows that the finders clearly understood they were dealing with humans and one just happened to be 9 feet tall. There is nothing wrong with healthy skepticism, in fact skeptics have correctly pointed out much flawed and incompetent research that has occurred outside of the profession. However, when something cannot be explained is there a focused effort to figure it out? No. Anomalous pieces of evidence are passed around the skeptic circuit like a joint at a Grateful Dead show, for the next skeptic to try to debunk. If this fails then the information is forgotten or marginalized and everyone plays make believe pretending broken theories are just fine. The same focus given to anomalous matters is not turned on the theories of the professional world. Lazy tricks like consensus are used to insulate professionals from having to evaluate evidence that cannot be explained away. The overwhelming evidence for the existence of a race of giants cannot be explained away so it is ignored or ridiculed. Until now, as this information continues to come to light and gets into the hands and minds of actual humans who are not sellouts, an understanding is growing that will lead to eventual conclusive proof.

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