Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/1/2013

An 11 foot giant skeleton found in the early 1900's near Diamond Lake, Cassopolis Mich. It is reported "The bones of the skeleton are well preserved. The lower jaw is immense. Any ordinary jawbone fits inside with ease." Same jawbone description as found in hundreds of other accounts. "An earthen tablet, upon which were various unintelligible characters and other relics were found." Once again, a strange stone tablet with odd writing like so many others.
As I was just checking the records for the Diamond Lake area, I found the following. Chapter I History of Lake County, 1902. "Of the very early history of the region which now embraces Lake County but little can be written. The Mound Builders had occupied it and passed away, leaving no written language and but little even as tradition. Samuel Miller, who has resided in the county since 1835, is authority for the statement that one skeleton which he assisted in unearthing was a trifle more than eight feet in length, the skull being correspondingly large, while many other skeletons measured at least seven feet." I wasn't even looking for a freaking giant skeleton, just info. on the existence of the place. I guess I am the giant whisperer. The skull being correspondingly large, these are observational reports not the religious or political beliefs of some one. Is there any other example in Human history where thousands and thousands of people are explaining what they are seeing right before their eyes and it is not accepted as fact. We rely on observational accounts for boundary measurements from the historical record. Did thousands of measurements of a different sort turn out all completely wrong? Am I taking crazy pills, can anyone weigh in here?

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