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Your Daily Giant 2/3/2013

From the New Age Magazine, Volume 18 page 207, 1913 is found the following picture and a description of giant skeletons being unearthed in a cave in the Ozarks. The New Age Magazine was a Rosicrucian publication. While compiling reports of giant skeleton accounts I kept finding them listed in publications of Freemasons, Rosicrucian's, Theosophists and other esoteric sources. Just like indigenous oral history, secret traditions of the Freemasons and Rosicrucian's have been passed down through the generations in a thoughtful and meticulous way. Once again why would these fraternal orders whose rituals and symbolism are extremely precise, have their doctrines polluted with erroneous information. The reality is that both orders cite giant skeleton reports in their literature and use them as proof of a connection that this giant race had with a global maritime civilization that existed over 10,000 years old. A lost civilization that is thought to be the mother culture where all esoteric secret knowledge and symbolism they practice came from. The following are a couple of accounts I uncovered. Rays from the rose cross- a magazine of mystical light, Rosicrucian fellowship (Library of Congress) Volume 7-8 pg. 110, 1917.
"Judge E. P. West discovered a skeleton about 2 weeks ago and made a report to other members of the society. They accompanied him to the mound and took out the remains of 2 skeletons. The bones are very large- so large, in fact when compared with an ordinary skeleton on modern date, they appear to have formed part of a giant. The head bones, are monstrous in size. The lower jaw of one skeleton is in a state of preservation, and is double the size of the jaw of a civilized person. The thigh-bone when compared with that of an ordinary modern skeleton, looks like that of a horse."
A report about a find made at the old stone fort of Manchester Tenn. is listed in Mackey's National Freemason, Oct. 1872 to Sept. 1873 pg. 219.
"A few days since some boys discovered an almost entire human skeleton of mammoth size. The bones of the forearm were nearly 20 inches long, while the bone of the lower part of the leg was longer than an ordinary man's lower limbs, foot and all. The jaw bone of this giant would slip over the face of an ordinary man."

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