Thursday, March 6, 2014

Your Daily Giant 2/6/2013

From the Evening Independent, Feb 14th 1925 we are find our good friends from the Smithsonian boxing up another giant and shipping it back to the home office. It also says that they were searching for proof of a giant race theory. They should have made the newspaper accounts also disappear like all the giant skeletons. From the diaries of explorers, religious texts, esoteric traditions, and oral histories you find mention of Giants. I personally am a big fan of Edgar Cayce. Among his 14,000 readings and 25 million words transmitted in a trance state, Cayce gave 68 readings on the Ancient American Mound Builders. These are discussed in Greg little excellent book Mound Builders Edgar Cayce's Forgotten Record of Ancient America. I must say that the Cayce info. matches up perfectly with the research I have done for years. I recently found several mentions of Giants in Cayce's readings. The following is a reading about a past life of a woman in Florida who was with the Mound Builders. The Cayce language is a little strange but makes sense. "We find the entity was in the land of its present nativity, in what is now known as the southernmost portion - or in Florida; during those periods when there were those settlings from the Yucatan, from the lands of the Inca, from the Norse land, when there were the beginners of the Mound Builders and those that gathered upon what is now the east portion of Alabama and Florida - though it was quite different then in its structure, outwardly. The entity's sojourns then were with those of a race of unusual height, unusual proportions to what might be termed in the present."

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