Friday, March 7, 2014

Your Daily Giant 3/21/2013


Today's Daily Giant from The Anderson Intelligencer, December 04, 1895 is the report of a 9 foot mummy being housed at the court of Judge Edgar Orr of Atlanta. The mummy was at a museum on Decatur Street after a financial dispute closed down the Museum. I read dozens of newspaper articles and book entries that described Judge Orr as a respected and prominent Judge in the Atlanta area. Many people stopped in to view the mummy and the article tells us that it had "long coarse hair" and the "huge frame is well proportioned, considering that it is so large." We are informed that "The advertisement has attracted the attention of the Smithsonian Institution doctors and professors and that institution has sent several osteologists at different times to make expert examination of the mummy. Dr. Priorleau, Professor Stelle and Professor Lucas all examined the mummy, determined its authenticity and concluded it was between 500 and 1000 years old. The examinations were made with the intention of purchasing the mummy to put in the National Museum in Washington D.C. Copies of the advertisement of the sale were taken by the professors of the National Museum and it is expected that representatives of the Institution at Washington will be present at the sale of the museum next Monday. All the experts who have examined the giant mummy, which is nearly nine feet in length, think it is a curiosity fit to be placed in the National Museum." This is just one of numerous accounts where "the top men" of the Smithsonian are roaming the country buying up giant skeletons and mummies and taking them to Washington D. C. The mummy is like so many other of these finds described as "massive" and "proportional". Also, "long Coarse hair" is mentioned. I have long ago stopped believing in coincidence. This is from the American Antiquarian in 1885 concerning a find in Cartersville Georgia. "a committee of scientists sent out from the Smithsonian Inst. At some depth from the surface a kind of vault was found in which was discovered the skeleton of a giant measuring seven feet two inches. His hair was coarse and jet black, and hung to the waist, the brow being ornamented with a copper crown. The skeleton was remarkably well preserved..... On the stones which covered the vault were carved inscriptions, and these when deciphered, will doubtless lift the veil that now shrouds the history of the race of people that one time inhabited this part of the American continent. The relics have been carefully packed and forwarded to the Smithsonian Inst., and they are said to be the most interesting collection ever found in the United States. The explorers are now at work on another mound in Barton county." Professor skeptic keeps asking where are the skeletons? What do you think?


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